Fort Stay, Swiss Tents, Royal Saswad, Maharashtra

The Heritage Stay

Nidhi Sharma Thu, 25 Jul 2019

This goes back to 2008 – one of my first brushes with Travel

I was the first Travel anchor for one of the first Travel Channels in India and we were going to be shooting this Heritage Stay Near Pune.

Mesmerised, Awed, Ecstatic! The best part is this property still invokes the same feeling in me. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a stimulus like this which can become your magic wand every time you need a little respite from the Sansara stresses!

Experience Maratha culture, that Royal welcome, Luxurious plush Rooms, helpful Caring Staff, Wildlife; Deers and Peacocks so close to Pune, truely a Hidden Treasure and amazing for Bird Watching. It came as news to me. Gorgeous Terrace Open to Sky Swimming Pool with a Tree right in the center to give you shade if you choose an afternoon swim and to make it that much more romantic with the full moon beam glistening through its branches before it reaches your beloved’s face. Everything is a talking point like one of their restaurants have an option to either have your lunch in Nagpur, Nashik, Pune or Mumbai. Curious? Of course you should be! Go check it out for yourself.

Activities to explore:

1) Shivaji Martial Arts - Daan Patta

2) Bullock Cart Riding

3) Ghazal and Musical Nights

4) Sufi & Rajasthani Performances

5) Adventurous Trekking

6) Bird and Animal Watching

7) The Aai Museum

8) Swimming

9) Fishing

10) Unlimited Adventure Activities (Archery & Rifle Shooting) in the Suite room category.

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You got everything


Swimming Pool

YuYIII Highlight

The Birdman!

Sumedh aka the Birdman! Yes, you read it right! You will not just enjoy his impeccable mimicry of the enchanting birds; you will actually witness the birds responding to his calls. It is lovely to watch a man who is in such unison with nature!

Best of the Best

Available rooms


Don't miss to talk to Killedar!

While this place is a visual and an experiential treat, one wouldn’t do justice to this magnificent property without getting to know about its history. When you are at the property enjoying your stay as the King or Queen of the bygone era make it a point to hear about the journey of this quaint heritage resort from the Killedar himself. He is the man behind the intactness of the erstwhile Maratha grandeur and culture at the stay.

Killedar Biswajit Biswas

General Manager of the property

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Expert review by Sumeet Kadakia

Experience at the property
My experience at the property has been absolutely fantastic! It’s a small fort that is converted into a heritage hotel. The moment I reached the entrance I was welcomed warmly in a traditional Marathi way where the guards dressed up as a Maratha soldier started playing trumpets & drums for my arrival. It gives you a taste of the culture & the historic place instantly! The hotel offers vast open spaces & very well maintained royal garden. The hotel has a very interesting activity called as Audio Tour that takes around 45mins in total. The audio tour will guide you to the entire property with the narration that will explain the history of each and every space. The tour ends in the wonderful museum which has the collection of historic artifacts. It will The architecture of the museum building is absolutely beautiful! The place also engages you with lot of different activities like mountain climbing, zip lining, river crossing, safari & early morning hike to the mountain top. My overall experience in this property has been very special! The staff is also very polite. My favorite part about this property is the experience that you get while walking in the royal garden & staying in the fort. It’s a great venue especially for someone who’s bored of staying in typical hotel.
Highlight of the property
1) Museum 2) 3 different types of restaurants in 1 property 3) Royal garden 4) Variety of activities
Things that can be improved
The garbage/waste material that is kept over the roof is clearly seen from the viewing deck. It would be really nice if they can cover that space in some way
Winter will be the best time to go there. Summer will be too hot and monsoon will not get you covered from rain as the major part of the property is open to sky. There are couple of routes to reach this place but I would suggest you to google it the day you leave. So it’ll show you the quickest route with least traffic on your way!
Suitable for
It’s best suitable for family & couple. Though, the tent rooms are best suited for group of people/ friends & solo travelers. The tent area is more like a gathering & interactive space.
Sumeet Kadakia