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Nidhi Sharma Wed, 22 May 2019

Recommended for Weekend Getaways from Mumbai or Pune. 40 Kms from Igatpuri.

There are only 4 Treehouses (Newly built) and very few Cottages. Please plan soon because we hate to say that it's not available ;-)

This is for real – you drive to this place from Mumbai. The roads and the scenic beauty are as breath-taking as some of the country roads in New Zealand. This has been my personal experience in the 3 times that I have been here. Monsoons make the mountain lush green. Winters are great as well. Ghat roads are one way, journey is as beautiful as the destination. It has always energised me and promised me a great afternoon nap after a scrumptious lunch on reaching the resort.

One great thing about this resort is the sheer space and the décor of the rooms. Check the story of the Resort- Scroll down to watch it. Minimalistic, one with the nature but super comfortable with all modern amenities (you can check below) like a mini fridge. ( I know it comes in really handy especially for all mothers travelling with Infants). Also, if you have a special family member – your beloved pet, the property understands your love for them. Please bring them along.

Tree house lovers like me who used to find very few treehouses in Maharashtra to go to, we have less to crib now. There are newly built tree houses here with ample space and a watch tower kind of balcony and all greens to take over your senses.

The property employs local staff and helps in strengthening the eco system. Lovely dam waters and boating facility. Sometimes there is a formation of an Island in between and they help you camp up for a night under the stars.

One unique feature of the property is the design and the architecture of the rooms. As a traveller, I know it is common to have dingy unaffordable resorts just because of their proximity to Mumbai. This will certainly account for a weekend well spent. Good for families as there 2-3-4 bhk bungalows as well. You know everyone is seeking happiness and the limited rooms here get sold out very fast by these seekers. So at least in this area of your life, don’t procrastinate. Chance upon this find for that breather that will do you good. Hey, do you hear me! :D

Recommended for Weekend Getaways from Mumbai or Pune. 40 Kms from Igatpuri.

There are only 4 Treehouses, Newly built and very few Cottages. We hate to say its not available

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Story of the Scenic Resort

Hear it from one of the Founding members, how the resort was made with the help of the Locals, keeping intact the essence and the spirit of Bhandardara!

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Don't miss to talk to Jagtapji!

Meet Jagtapji, Security Supervisor at your stay in Shendi. He is a proud local from Bhandardara and derives immense satisfaction in helping Guests know about his heartland


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Expert review by Nidhi Sharma

Experience at the property
Spacious Rooms, Comfortable, Ample Sunlight, Fresh air and caring Staff
Highlight of the property
I loved the drive to the Property, specially after Ghoti. Scenic & Spectacular, Love the feel of Cottages which are spread out, much better that identical Hotel Rooms. Loved the Buffets
Things that can be improved
The property was constructing a pool when I visited around Oct, 2018. Hope that's done so that Families and Kids can have some splash time.
Please do check the Directions with Yuyiii or Bonnie at the Property to avoid taking detours.
Suitable for
Go by road to enjoy the beautiful scenic winding views throught the Villages & paddy fields. Pls don't miss out on the Boating Experience. The waters are calm and serene and not crowded
Nidhi Sharma