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Royal Kishanpur, Rajasthan

The Lake View Palace

Nidhi Sharma Thu, 25 Jul 2019

I read about the visionary - Kaushikji, the man behind this Lakeside Palace a few years ago. This newspaper article was on how in 2008 he bought a dilapidated fort on a Bank loan at a price of as little or as high (relative to your perception) as that of a humble flat (pun intended) in Mumbai and resurrected the fort to its former glory. He achieved this feat while battling the challenges - unavailability of water or electricity supply and a dearth of masons who understood the construction from that time and age. From sourcing retired masons who were cognizant of the construction techniques of that era to doing the rounds of government bodies to get water and electricity for the fort, his was an inspiring journey. This endeavour also raised the land prices of the villagers 12x times.

This Lakeside Palace is his 2nd Project under the same vision of restoring heritage monuments to their former glory. What a jewel! Right in front of my Balcony Jharokha are the green lawns and Siliserh Lake against the backdrop of Aravali ranges near the ancient city of Alwar.

Swimming Pool with the sunset backdrop and when its lit in the evening with the tim-tims of the Diwali like string lights lining the exterior of the palace somewhat like the Veil encircling the face of a gorgeous bride. Seeee the effect…Such beauty can turn you into a poet. You never know ;-)

Food is mind-blowingly simple and delicious. If you were looking for little things on your gratitude journal, you can thank the fresh vegetables and the masalas and the ambience which accentuates the taste; I am telling you there is something in the air! Oh and please don’t return without having that steaming cup of tea in the wide open green lawns to invoke an emotion so powerful like first love. (all chai lovers will resonate : -) )

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Swimming Pool

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At the Lakeside Palace, you can get to experience one of the oldest and most famous folk dances – Kalbeliya! The uncanny combo of energy and grace in the moves of the dancers will leave you awestruck

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Don't miss to talk to Kaushikji!

If you are up for a short inspiring conversation, you will thoroughly enjoy meeting the owner of the Lake view palace in Kishanpur. He is a true visionary! It is because of this man that an otherwise dilapidated monument has been restored to its full royal glory. He holds Indian history and culture so close to his heart that he set out on a mission to showcase the grandeur of the palace to the upcoming generations.


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Expert review by Radhika Sharma

Experience at the property
I would love to come back definitely – n number of times actually! Love everything about it! Even the antiques in the side of our beds were amazing. The room had a vintage vibe to it! The bedsheets were colorful with perfect wall textures and paint. The best part was having our own little dressing room apart from the washroom. It made us feel really royal!
Highlight of the property
The view right outside our room, it is unbeatable. In fact, Siliserh Lake is really charming to see through the nude colors of the palace’s walls! You will also get to see amazing sunrises right from your room's window!
Things that can be improved
Sockets were a bit lose
Try coming here on a Saturday to attend the Rajasthani cultural dance organized here. Alas, there will not be any mobile network. Quite a blessing in disguise. Wifi is there just in case you are enslaved to technology ;-)
Suitable for
Perfect place for a family or a couple.
Radhika Sharma